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GG| – The Gamer’s Answer To Letterboxd

UPDATED: 14th February 2020 – GG|’s review features are now live to all site members UPDATED: 15th December 2019 – GG|’s review features are now live to Elite subscribers and I have updated the article accordingly. Logging your films on Letterboxd is pretty standard practice…

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How Gaming Helps My Mental Health

I have seen a lot of negativity surrounding video games over the past decade or so, most news outlets screaming about how video games cause violence in children or are damaging children’s lives etc. but it is very rare to see video games in mainstream…


REVIEW: Crash Tag Team Racing (PS2)

The 5th March marked 19 years since the original release of the PlayStation 2 in Japan. While I owned one 2 years later, I still loved it: this console introduced me to the original Kingdom Hearts, a Nightmare Before Christmas game and Ratchet and Clank….


Introducing JUMPCUT PLAY!

We’re excited to announce we’ll soon be launching of our brand new video game orientated adventure – JUMPCUT PLAY. PLAY joins the growing list exciting ventures here at JUMPCUT ONLINE, which currently includes JUMPCUT PRODUCTIONS and COMICS. Our hope with this new venture is to…