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03 Aug 2020

Who is George MacKay?

Back in July, the release of Midsommar triggered me to do a deep-dive into the IMDb of Jack Reynor and I shared my findings with you, dear readers. Now, the release of 1917 and True…


JumpCast: Episode 5 – Doctor Sleep

In this week’s episode, Sarah is joined by Zoe and Lucy to discuss the latest film news, review Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep and their favourite horror sequels.   Available on: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Anchor, Castbox + Stitcher We…

Film Reviews

REVIEW: Doctor Sleep (2019)

“The world’s a hungry place.” What does it mean to be magical? Do you have to be able to communicate with others telepathically to be considered magic? Or is being able to face your childhood…


JumpCast: Episode 1 – It Chapter 2

  In our very first episode our lead hosts Nick, Sarah, and Dave, along with their guest co-host Jakob Barnes, go into full spoiler territory chatting about It Chapter 2, as well as discussing the…

Film Reviews

REVIEW: IT: Chapter Two (2019)

IT: Chapter Two has been one of the most anticipated horror films for just over two years now, with fans and even non-fans of the genre desperate to see the terrifying Pennywise dance his ways…


IT Chapter Two: The Vaults Experience

Compared to some, I may be a recent convert, having only started reading his novels in 2015, but I am now a fully-fledged Stephen King fan, utterly obsessed with his novels, adapted TV shows and…