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05 Aug 2020
TV Review

REVIEW: Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

A year or so ago I heard the news that there was a Dark Crystal Netflix original TV series in pre-production, and I was not particularly excited. Jim Henson’s original 1982 movie has wedged firmly…

Film Reviews

REVIEW: Love, Antosha (Sundance 2019)

If a more beautiful, heart-shattering film is released this year, I will be surprised.. The second a five year old Anton Yelchin appears on screen, the tears start and they won’t stop for a long…

Film Reviews

REVIEW: Terminal (2018)

‘Terminal’ is a strange experience and not in a way that is totally enjoyable. The film is based in and around a dingy train terminal where some unpleasant characters dwell. Two hitmen (Dexter Fletcher and…

Action & Adventure

REVIEW: Ready Player One (2018)

During the eighties and nineties, standing before a chunky black mirror — fingers and thumbs strategically placed over buttons — was the norm for the vintage gamer. Saturday nights resembled the ‘Stranger Things’ arcade scene…