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REVIEW: An American Pickle (2020)

There’s something irresistibly charming about all the stories that Simon Rich pens. Not just because it’s hilarious or bizarre, but also because of how full of cultural and social commentary it is. In What in God’s Name — Rich’s 2012 fantasy comedy novel that became…

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REVIEW: The Boys (Season 1)

Watching the first teaser trailer for Amazon Prime original series The Boys grabbed my attention, my ears pricked up enough to place it onto my watch list. All eight episodes of the show were released on the 26th July and received plenty of social media…

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REVIEW: The Lion King (2019)

There is officially nothing that can stop the Disney remake train as it steamrolls through a large portion of its beloved back catalogue, and with plenty more where that came from. Back when the “live action” remakes first started, I’d always considered The Lion King…

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Beyoncé Shows Her Spirit In New Single For The Lion King

Let’s face it, if there was anyone that was going to compete with the chest-rattling oomph of Elton John’s songs from the original soundtrack to The Lion King, Beyoncé was a strong contender. Now only two weeks away from the release of Jon Favreau’s photo-realistic take…

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REVIEW: Long Shot (2019)

“A superior rom-com that has smarts in abundance, great chemistry between the two leads, and feels believable”           Directed by: Jonathan Levine Cast: Charlize Theron, Seth Rogen, June Diane Raphael, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Ravi Patel


The Circle Of Disney Live-Action Remakes

Disney currently seems to be going through a phase of remaking their classic animated films and turning them into CGI/Live-Action features. So far, they’ve remade Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, The Jungle Book and a sequel to the 1964 film Mary Poppins is due to be released…

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BFI COMEDY GENIUS: Pineapple Express (2008)

Written by Thom Marsh So, let me tell you a little about The Showroom; a simply delightful independent cinema in Sheffield, where you can get a large Vimto (that’s right, Vimto) and a large popcorn, and still have change from a tenner for the bus…

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REVIEW: Like Father (2018)

Actor-turned-director Lauren Miller, notably known for her comedic roles in Superbad and Sausage Party, makes her feature-length debut with the Netflix backed drama Like Father, a take on the ‘estranged father’ sub-genre that shouldn’t be confused with Father of the Year; another Netflix original film that…

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REVIEW: The Disaster Artist (2017)

The concept for ‘The Disaster Artist’ isn’t exactly the easiest to explain, especially to those with no prior knowledge of the source material which inspired it, the best bad movie of all time, ‘The Room’. I count myself as one of the millions of diehard…

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REVIEW: Steve Jobs (2015)

I really am a huge fan of Michael Fassbender, and I was very happy to see him land a huge role like this, which should have seen him storm the US and become a true Hollywood A-lister. It is a real shame then that ‘Steve…

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REVIEW: Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)

Written by Andrew Garrison After the amazing success of ‘Kung Fu Panda’, I was very interested to see what ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ would provide. Many sequels have a tendency to feel forced and over the top, as if their sole objective was to transcend the first…

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REVIEW: The Night Before (2015)

Going into this film I had high hopes. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an incredible actor, and I think Anthony Mackie is a rising star. Put these two together, and throw in the goofy but likeable Seth Rogen, and you have an interesting cast for a comedy….