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REVIEW: Black Bear (2020)

Black Bear is the latest work from independent filmmaker Lawrence Michael Levine, who also wrote and directed Wild Canaries (2014), which co-starred Levine and his real-life partner Sophia Takal, as well as Alia Shawkat and Jason Ritter. Levine also wrote Always Shine (2016), which was…

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REVIEW: Dracula Untold (2014)

Origin stories have always made for immensely appealing viewing to me. Whether it be in film, literature, or even television; something about the backstory and learning how the character’s personality, afflictions and psychology came to be, is wildly intriguing. This insight adds depth to a…

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REVIEW: Enemy (2013)

From the man who brought us the fantastic ‘Prisoners’, Denis Villeneuve, comes another thrilling mystery. Or a mystery at least. ‘Enemy’ is a quirky, subversive film, which oddly passed under the radar and onto our screens, ready to baffle indie film lovers the world over….