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03 Aug 2020

JumpCast: Episode 18 – Onward

This week Sarah is joined by Lucy as they discuss the latest film news – including the final BLACK WIDOW trailer – and the pair share their thoughts on Disney and Pixar’s ONWARD Available on: Spotify, Apple…

Film Reviews

REVIEW: Onward (2020)

“We’re going on a quest!” Every once in awhile, we stumble across little bits of magic in the world; a smile shared with a loved one, the sunset soaking up the sky, the perfect harmony…


REVIEW: Coco (2018)

Pixar Animation Studios lets us escape once more. It’s easy to relish in the studio’s latest film, ‘Coco,’ which exudes rich, cultural delicacies of tradition and music. It’s rejuvenating to see a shift into diversity…


REVIEW: Cars 3 (2017)

After a lacklustre response to ‘Cars 2’ which, in its defence, had some fresh ideas and a fast-paced plot, Pixar returns to the narrative of their original story for the third and possibly final (only…

The Race Is On In The Latest Cars 3 Trailer

Thanks to social media, I have seen a fair amount of scepticism towards ‘Cars 3’. And yeah, I won’t lie, when I first saw the initial poster I was a little sceptical too. However, after…