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ROAD TO OSCARS: The Live Action Shorts (2021)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, four of the five live action short films nominated at the 2021 Oscars revolve around policing or the prison system. After a year of protests for racial justice around the world, these short films seek to further examine the relationship between civilians and…

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REEL WOMEN: April 2021 UK Releases

Welcome back to Reel Women, the monthly column that highlights new releases that are written and/or directed by women. This month we’re again looking at what’s being released online across various platforms that we can watch during lockdown. Hopefully, it’ll be the last month where…

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ROAD TO OSCARS: International Feature (2021)

On March 15 2021, the Oscar nominations will be announced and we will discover the five international films in contention this year. But we already know that they will come from this list of fifteen films, which have advanced to the next round of voting…

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REVIEW: Quo Vadis, Aida? (2021)

Quo Vadis, Aida? (2020) raises itself above other films about historical tragedies by also focusing on the aftermath of the Srebrenica Massacre. It illustrates the fact that there has been no closure for many who has their lives destroyed by this tragedy. They have been…

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REVIEW: Agnes Joy (2021)

Films from 93 countries have been submitted to the Academy to be considered in the Best International Film category at the 2021 Oscar ceremony. On 9 February, they announced that these have now been narrowed down into a shortlist of 15 films: *Bosnia and Herzegovina,…

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REVIEW: Two of Us (2021)

Time is a fickle beast. Throughout Two of Us, the passage of time is consistently referred to; two young girls counting to 30 while playing hide and seek, a clock heirloom on the mantlepiece, or some gradually burning eggs left waiting on the stove top….