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REVIEW: Operation Finale (2018)

A team of Mossad and Shin Bet agents set out to track down and bring to trial Adolf Eichmann (Ben Kingsley), the Nazi officer who masterminded the Holocaust. Based on a true story, Operation Finale is a drama that does the job it sets out…

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Oscar Isaac is Peter Malkin In First Trailer For ‘Operation Finale’

[youtube] “This thrilling true story follows the 1960 covert mission of legendary Mossad agent Peter Malkin as he infiltrates Argentina and captures Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi officer who masterminded the transportation logistics that brought millions of innocent Jews to their deaths in concentration camps.”…

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REVIEW: Now You See Me (2013)

Magicians turned criminals, really? Magicians and film is such a hit and miss combination anyway. Some TV magicians are undisputedly amazing, and Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Prestige’ was a fantastic film. The key to the success of that particular magical movie was that the magic didn’t…

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REVIEW: Enemy (2013)

From the man who brought us the fantastic ‘Prisoners’, Denis Villeneuve, comes another thrilling mystery. Or a mystery at least. ‘Enemy’ is a quirky, subversive film, which oddly passed under the radar and onto our screens, ready to baffle indie film lovers the world over….