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04 Aug 2020

Which Spider-Man is the best Spider-Man?

Here at JUMPCUT ONLINE, we love Spider-Man. From Tobey Maguire to Tom Holland via Andrew Garfield, he holds a special place in our hearts. For me, he’s my superhero, Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man was released when…

Box Office

JUMPCUT 2019 Summer Box Office Review

There goes another blockbuster season, and as usual, the hits and flops were out for all to see, and in the latter’s case, avoid. So far the summer period, defined as falling between the 1st…

Film News

Raising The Stakes: Blade is back

“No, I’m something else.” With no shortage of surprises coming SDCC this year, in a true Feige move, he couldn’t end this year’s Marvel panel without at least one out of the blue announcement. With…

Film News

Deadpool Director Talks Future In The MCU

After the world universally picked their jaw off the floor following the news that Natalie Portman would be wielding Thor’s hammer, and Mahershala Ali would now have a stake in the future of Blade, real-life Watcher,…

Film News

Marvellous Kung-Fu: Shang-Chi Has Arrived

Journey into mystery. Pick up your nun-chucks and a copy of Jackie Chan: Stuntmaster, because you’ve got time to practice before legendary warrior Shang-Chi makes his MCU debut in February 2021. As the dust begins…

Film News

Back 4 Thor – Love And Thunder Is Coming

Well then.  Mere days after the announcement that Taika Waititi would be returning to direct the fourth installment of the Thor series, Kevin Feige and company formally announced Thor: Love and Thunder at San Diego…