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REVIEW: The World to Come (2021)

As someone who is generally not a fan of Westerns, there have been a few films within the last decade that have been set in 19th century American isolated frontiers that have caught my eye and I’ve ended up loving – and these are the…

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REVIEW: The Current War (2019)

A century before ‘AC/DC’ became the moniker of a certain Australian rock band, the acronym was synonymous with American pioneers George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison and their conflicting ideas for electricity distribution. While the former was keen to explore the potential of high voltage alternating…

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REVIEW: Alien: Covenant (2017)

Met with scepticism from devout fans of earlier episodes, ‘Alien: Covenant’ divided audiences after it was unleashed onto the chopping block for worldwide cinema release. Many viewers claimed that an ‘Alien’ installment without Ripley was just another Sci-Fi rehash with Xenomorphs, along with the speculation…

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REVIEW: Inherent Vice (2015)

I can’t really recall many Joaquín Phoenix films I’ve seen in the past, but he seemed like a cool guy, even before I watched ‘Inherent Vice’. Actually, the film as a whole seemed pretty cool too, not that I knew too much about it beforehand….