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REVIEW: 7500 (2020)

Creating a film in a single location comes with its own set of problems, which are different to those on a conventional film set. You must contend with blocking, camera positioning and how to progress the story without too much external influence. Historically in film,…


Best of the Decade: Inception

Christopher Nolan is one of Hollywood’s event directors. Joining the likes of Tarantino, Spielberg, and relatively new-entrant Denis Villeneuve, Nolan creates films that come burdened with massive expectation that grows with each film he gifts us. What started with Memento, the Guy Pearce starring mind-bender…

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Watch This Space: August 28th – September 3rd

This week we’re excited to re-launch our weekly feature – Watch This Space. Every Monday we will be recommending films that are on TV that week, films playing at the cinema, and also remind you of those brilliant films hiding on streaming services, such as…

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REVIEW: Inception (2010)

As far as cerebral, intelligent, and actually fun thrillers go, this one has got to be somewhere on that top 10 list. The ultimate exercise in original storytelling and creatively twisting genre tropes on their heads; ‘Inception’ clears the field for competition. Released in 2010,…

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REVIEW: The Night Before (2015)

Going into this film I had high hopes. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is an incredible actor, and I think Anthony Mackie is a rising star. Put these two together, and throw in the goofy but likeable Seth Rogen, and you have an interesting cast for a comedy….

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REVIEW: The Walk (2015)

Written by Dalton Brown My mind has exploded. ‘The Walk’ just has too many cool people working together on an even cooler project. I had high expectations for ‘The Walk’ because Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of my favorite actors and Robert Zemeckis is one of…

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REVIEW: Hesher (2010)

In 2010, a little known film by the name of ‘Inception’ came to theatres. It was directed by Christopher Nolan and widely considered the most profound film of the year. ‘Inception’ starred this up-and-comer called Leonardo DiCaprio, but also featured a young fella who went…

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REVIEW: Sin City: A Dame To Kill For (2014)

Written by Rhys Wortham The recurring theme found in most Noir films is that they were sombre action-thrillers. They are gritty, with real world elements, tones of mystery and 1950s clichés. The ‘Sin City’ series has always embodied just that, but with more blood and…

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Star In Fraggle Rock Film

Creative genius Joseph Gordon-Levitt is confirmed as the star of an upcoming project to bring ‘Fraggle Rock’ to the big screen. JGL, who heads his own production company HitRECord, is also set to work as a producer on the project. ‘Fraggle Rock’, part of the…