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16 Jul 2020
Film Reviews

REVIEW: Like A Boss (2020)

Childhood best friends Mel (Rose Byrne) and Mia (Tiffany Haddish) have built up their own beauty company and love working together. But when money gets tight and beauty guru and business mogul Claire Luna (Salma Hayek) arrives on the scene promising to solve all their money troubles, their friendship is…

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REVIEW: Promising Young Woman (Sundance 2020)

Emerald Fennell has had an interesting career, even just within the last couple of years. As an actress, she played Camilla in the most recent season of The Crown and was Virginia Woolf’s sister Vanessa Bell in Vita & Virginia. She also wrote most of the second season of Killing…

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REVIEW: The Emoji Movie (2017)

Resisting the temptation to write this review entirely in emojis because firstly, I’m not an idiot, and secondly, that is probably exactly what the makers of this film would want if their aggressive (and entirely terrible) marketing strategy was anything to go by! Emojis are everywhere, and unless you’ve been…

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