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REVIEW: Playlist (2021)

Playlist bounces into theatres at a time in which many young women are desperate to get back to having casual sex and discussing their love lives with their colleagues. Perhaps this film will remind them of the fact that life outside of lockdown can be messy…

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REVIEW: Final Set (2021)

Tennis based films have often proved mixed bags with a few exceptions including 2017’s Battle Of The Sexes and the Scarlett Johansson film Match Point. The latest film to tackle the Tennis world is the French drama Final Set (Cinquième set in French) which depicts…

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REVIEW: Kandisha (2021)

It was a shock to the system to realise how, before the yet-set rollout of their novel and anticipated The Deep House, French filmmaking duo Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury have another film for horror fans — Kandisha. Perhaps with the extreme brains behind the…

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REVIEW: Bye Bye Morons (2021)

You couldn’t blame somebody for expressing puzzlement over the fact that Bye Bye Morons (2020), a zany, lightweight comedy, managed to win seven César Awards. Perhaps the French love their farces more than most, but it’s hard to imagine a world in which this was…

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REVIEW: Spring Blossom (2021)

Spring Blossom (2020) is the directorial debut of young Suzanne Lindon and it is sure to have people commenting on whether sexual mores have evolved at all in France. It’s been in the media because it’s so controversial and its director/star is unusually young. That…

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REVIEW: Slalom (2021)

Affection or attention can easily be misconstrued as representing love, especially to those who are seemingly lacking these basic fundamentals. This can be seen for Lyz (Noée Abita), a fifteen year old skiing protégé undergoing an intensive training program in the French Alps, far away…

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REVIEW: Keep An Eye Out (2021)

French Filmmaker Quentin Dupieux, DJ turned director, has made a name for himself in his native France with quirky surrealist films. His film Rubber encapsulated his hard-to-discern style and unorthodox approach to the world of filmmaking.  His latest, Keep An Eye Out (released in France…

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REVIEW: Two of Us (2021)

Time is a fickle beast. Throughout Two of Us, the passage of time is consistently referred to; two young girls counting to 30 while playing hide and seek, a clock heirloom on the mantlepiece, or some gradually burning eggs left waiting on the stove top….

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REVIEW: Le Choc du Futur (2020)

Synth music is perhaps now taken for granted, so ingrained is its presence in both contemporary pop music and film scores, spearheaded by the likes of Vangelis and John Carpenter and countless others since. French musician and producer Marc Collin makes his directorial debut with…