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REVIEW: My Name is Pedro (2021)

The power of a teacher who believes in their pupils is a familiar, inspiring Hollywood go-to. From Miss Honey in Matilda, Dr. Larabee in Akeelah & The Bee, to one of Robin Williams most iconic roles as Mr Keating in Dead Poets Society. These are…

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REVIEW: Assassins (2021)

North Korea holds a near mythical status in world politics. Its current president, Kim Jong-Un, is the only living resident of the nation to have global renown, and yet little to nothing else is known about the country itself. Living under his totalitarian rule, North…

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Girls on Film – Fetishes, Fascists and Voyeurs

I believe that myself reflected in the eyes of others is my true self. Voyeurism, usually with some connection to both sex and violence has long been a concern for filmmakers, for obvious reasons. To be a photographer or a film director is inherently voyeuristic….

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REVIEW: A Thousand Cuts (2020)

I would kill for the president. The last four years has seen a rise in the deifying of populist political figures the world over, spawning cartoonish, life-or-death support for their respective political icons and a vitriolic hatred for those who oppose their icon’s vision. The…

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REVIEW: 76 Days (2020)

Every single day of 2020 has felt like a month, and it seems like an eternity has gone by since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic. So it’s easy to forget what it was like when people were first being diagnosed with this strange new…

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REVIEW: Baby God (2020)

Humans are born with an irrepressible desire to know where they come from, so much so that their heritage often becomes a part of their identity. Someone might have their mother’s nose, their father’s drinking habit, the exact same shade of hair as their cousin….

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REVIEW: One Man and his Shoes (LFF 2020)

There will be numerous conversations as to whether Yemi Bamiro’s investigative look into the legacy of the Air Jordan sneakers serves as the perfect companion piece to this year’s outstanding documentary The Last Dance. The Netflix series was an examination into Michael Jordan – the man,…

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REVIEW: Stray (LFF 2020)

What an odd but quaint little documentary this is. Stray offers a dog’s eye view of Istanbul as filmmaker Elizabeth Lo follows Zeytin and her fellow stray dogs for two years, capturing the mundane and monotony of life on the streets. A title card at…

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REVIEW: I Am Samuel (LFF 2020)

There’s something quite beautiful about a documentary that doesn’t focus on a public figure or somebody deemed ‘extraordinary’, but instead follows a regular guy as filmed by one of his closest friends. In his moving documentary I Am Samuel, Kenyan writer/director Peter Murimi captures moments…