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REVIEW: Bastards’ Road (2021)

Spiritual pilgrimages have long been seen as a way to heal your body; your mind; your soul. The road itself is time to reflect; to assess what needs work; to make a change. The destination is often incidental or purely symbolic – the literal end…

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TV REVIEW: The Sons of Sam (2021)

The Son of Sam murders in 1970s New York City are some of the most well-known, the most chilling, in all of true crime. When David Berkowitz was identified as the gunman responsible for the shootings that left seven people dead and several more seriously…

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REVIEW: What Drives Us (2021)

If we were to look at Dave Grohl’s directorial efforts as an unofficial trilogy on the humane qualities of music, then it seems fitting that What Drives Us feels like the culmination of his previous observations. From tracking what keeps the recording process full of…

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REVIEW: Cured (BFI Flare 2021)

Whilst today the LGBTQ+ community and its allies are still fighting for a range of rights and freedoms, one that is receiving particular attention at this present moment is the campaign for a ban on conversion therapy. Similarly, during the 60s and 70s, there was…

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REVIEW: Underplayed (2021)

The legacy of electronic dance music is built upon ideals of togetherness, inclusion, and joy. For women looking to work as DJs or producers in the industry, these ideals fail to uplift them in practice. Directed by Stacey Lee, the documentary Underplayed focuses on the…

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REVIEW: My Name is Pedro (2021)

The power of a teacher who believes in their pupils is a familiar, inspiring Hollywood go-to. From Miss Honey in Matilda, Dr. Larabee in Akeelah & The Bee, to one of Robin Williams most iconic roles as Mr Keating in Dead Poets Society. These are…

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REVIEW: Assassins (2021)

North Korea holds a near mythical status in world politics. Its current president, Kim Jong-Un, is the only living resident of the nation to have global renown, and yet little to nothing else is known about the country itself. Living under his totalitarian rule, North…

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Girls on Film – Fetishes, Fascists and Voyeurs

I believe that myself reflected in the eyes of others is my true self. Voyeurism, usually with some connection to both sex and violence has long been a concern for filmmakers, for obvious reasons. To be a photographer or a film director is inherently voyeuristic….