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05 Aug 2020
Film Reviews

REVIEW: The Rental (2020)

Following a steady rise to fame since his big screen debut in 2007’s Superbad (people really don’t forget, Greg), Dave Franco has stepped behind the cameras and made his directorial debut. It’s hard to pin…


Best of the Decade: The Guest (2014)

Once in awhile there comes a movie that strikes a chord to such an extent it feels as if that piece of cinema was hardwired into your brain and perfectly translated your passions as a…

Film Reviews

REVIEW: Her Smell (2019)

“Your love helps me breathe.”   Two years after Golden Exits premiered at Sundance, Alex Ross Perry is back with his latest dramatic endeavour in the form of an electrifying behind the scenes style insight…

Film Reviews

REVIEW: Apostle (2018)

There is a rare moment after watching a film where you sit and stare at the credits, or even pause them rolling altogether whilst wearing a perplexed expression. Your brain frantically tries to decipher the…