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REVIEW: The World to Come (2021)

As someone who is generally not a fan of Westerns, there have been a few films within the last decade that have been set in 19th century American isolated frontiers that have caught my eye and I’ve ended up loving – and these are the…

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REVIEW: Black Bear (2020)

Black Bear is the latest work from independent filmmaker Lawrence Michael Levine, who also wrote and directed Wild Canaries (2014), which co-starred Levine and his real-life partner Sophia Takal, as well as Alia Shawkat and Jason Ritter. Levine also wrote Always Shine (2016), which was…

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REVIEW: Possessor (2020)

The human mind is a battleground overflowing with emotive expressions, confusion, confliction and animalistic natures that cannot be tamed. It is within this psyche that we begin to question our innermost thoughts and feelings, our connection with the world around us and our own purpose….

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Grimmfest 2018: 10 Must-Sees!

GRIMMFEST, Manchester’s Festival of Horror, Cult and Fantastic Film, scheduled to take place from Thursday 4th October to Sunday 7th October at the ODEON Manchester, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The line-up was announced on Monday 3rd September, and this year promises “the darkest, deadliest…