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REVIEW: The Woman in the Window (2021)

There’s a fine line between inspiration and unoriginality and audiences will surely debate which side of said line Joe Wright’s The Woman in the Window finds itself on. Adapted from pseudonymous author A. J. Finn’s New York Times bestselling novel, Wright’s new film is a…

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Amy Adams Is ‘The Woman In The Window’ In New Trailer

Anna Fox (Amy Adams) feels safest when she’s watching the world from behind her window. Until the Russell family moves in across the street, and she witnesses something unimaginable. The question is…what really happened? Release Date: May 14 Directed by: Joe Wright Written by: A.J….

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REVIEW: Hillbilly Elegy (2020)

It all begins in a small town. A young white boy from a lower working-class family is trying to accomplish his dream while trying to break free from plenty of familial, economic, and social limitations. You’ve probably heard that tale before; so many movies have…

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The 2019 Golden Globe Awards WINNERS

The Golden Globes gave us a lot to talk about! From tracking tallies on our favorite actors in anticipation for the Oscars to… a flu shot segment? The NBC televised event had its ups and downs, but most of all, it fed our ever growing…

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The League Is United In The First Trailer For The Justice League

[youtube] After trailer teasers started appearing on Thursday afternoon, DCEU fans have finally received the trailer they have been waiting for since the huge teasing in the SDCC footage last year.  The 2 and a half minute trailer is full to the brim with action…

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REVIEW: Nocturnal Animals (2016)

It’s hard to believe that ‘Nocturnal Animals’ is only the second directorial outing for fashion designer Tom Ford, seemingly already establishing himself as somewhat of an auteur. Producing, directing and writing the screenplay, Ford’s ‘Nocturnal Animals’ is a dark, hallucinatory noir thriller which has already…

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REVIEW: Arrival (2016)

The marketing campaign behind this highly anticipated sci-fi movie from visionary director Denis Villeneuve – the man behind last years stand-out movie, ‘Sicario’ – was undeniably an effective one. The striking vision of the large black silhouettes, and the prompting questions about the purpose of the unidentified…

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REVIEW: Man of Steel (2013)

I guess with all the furore surrounding ‘Batman v Superman’ over the course of the last week or so, one positive can be taken from the situation – the much maligned ‘Man Of Steel’ has sort of slipped from the grasp of the cynics and…

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REVIEW: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

Written by Jakob Lewis Barnes & Nick Deal We both love Batman more than any other fictional character, and whilst we’re ambivalent towards Superman, our excitement levels surrounding ‘Batman vs Superman’ had been uncontrollable for months. With Jakob on a self-imposed trailer ban, it was…