21 Jul 2019

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REVIEW: Gwen (2019)

Most known for his contributions to British television, ranging from BBC’s gothic costume-drama Poldark to Channel 4’s raucous teen-comedy Misfits, writer-director William McGregor makes his feature-length debut with Gwen; a slow-burning, candle-lit exploration of an implosive family unit set in rural, 19th Century Snowdonia. It’s…

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REVIEW: Crawl (2019)

After last year’s overlooked but hugely enjoyable Hurricane Heist (which was even better than Geostorm, if you can believe it), we now have Hurricane Gator, combining two great genres – the natural disaster movie and the creature feature. Crawl is absolutely everything you could want…

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REVIEW: The Flood (2019)

“I’ve always been unwanted” is the final line from The Flood‘s trailer, and one that will stick with you throughout the duration of the film. Those words are cold, brutally honest and downright upsetting, which is a sad reflection of the current refugee crisis. Director…

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REVIEW: Killing Eve (Season 2)

As the shape of televisual entertainment has evolved considerably over the past 10 years and continues to do so at an exponential rate, so have the demands of the viewership of popular shows. The ‘water cooler’ moments of the past have been replaced with the…

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REVIEW: Awesome Pea

There’s a cutesy retro look to Awesome Pea that somewhat belies its nature as a super-tough, unforgiving platformer. With the default graphical settings making the game look like a monochrome Game Boy game, albeit with a distorted CRT filter (the CRT filter can be removed,…

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