From the developer that brought us Titanfall, Respawn Entertainment’s latest game is a free-to-play first-person shooter and yep, you guessed it… it’s a Battle Royale and is already being dubbed as a Titan-less Titanfall. Which may not necessarily be a bad thing? The game has been confirmed to take place in the Titanfall universe, and is actually said to be set 30 years following the events of Titanfall 2. 

At a private event last week EA let attendees try the game out and The Verge called it “an incredibly fun, polished, and thoughtful first-person BR shooter”. Unlike Fortnite, Apex Legends‘ focus is strongly on team play. The game offers a choice to play as 8 different ‘Legends’ – each with their own unique abilities. Respawn have released a handy ‘Beginner’s Guide’ to Apex Legends for those of you thinking of jumping into the battle. You will be working as part of a 3 player squad battling it out with 19 other teams (57 players in total).

Whilst many fans of the Titanfall series had hoped a third instalment was on the way, Executive Producer Drew McCoy says “While Apex Legends isn’t the game anyone expected us to make (including us!) it speaks to our development methods and mentality: we chase the fun.” and he also confirms that there are currently no plans for a third game – with the team behind the series fully committed to Apex Legends. 

As you’d expect, Apex Legends will offer a range of downloadable content and gear players can buy. Drew McCoy mentions in an interview with EuroGamer “We’ve gone with a very player’s-choice-style mentality. We’ve taken lots of inspiration from games that do monetization really well. Our goal for player spending in Apex Legends is to have a fair and transparent system… pay to look good, not to win.”

Apex Legends is now available to download for free on Playstation, Xbox, and Origin for PC

“The Frontier War is over. After hundreds of years of conflict between the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation and the Militia founded to fight them, the far-off region of space known as the Frontier can finally know peace.

But liberation can come at a cost: when the IMC and the Militia departed, they took everything of value and left the Frontier worlds in disarray. With no way to support themselves, the people of the Frontier had no choice but to leave their homes. The brave relocated to the Outlands.

A remote cluster of planets on the fringes of the Frontier, the Outlands are untouched by war and teeming with resources and opportunity. But life is cheap here, and danger lurks around every corner. Its pioneers, explorers, and outlaws used to spend their lives locked in an endless power struggle – now, they settle their differences in the Apex Games, a bloodsport where Legends from all corners of the Frontier compete for money, fame, and glory.”