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26 May 2020


JumpCut Online is an award-winning UK based entertainment publication. Since our inception in January 2015, we have always strived to be a platform for enthusiastic writers of any experience to be able to share their thoughts and opinions on all things film, TV, and most recently – video games.

2019 was an absolutely incredible year for our team. Last year alone they covered a number of film festivals for us, including SundanceEdinburghLondonTribecaGlasgowFrightFestFilm Fest 919CambridgeNashville, and London Short Films

We were also incredibly lucky to interview some ridiculously talented people last year, including Oscar nominees Terence Blanchard (composer, BlackKklansman)Lukasz Zal (cinematographer, Cold War), Robbie Ryan (cinematographer, The Favourite), and Fiona Crombie (production designer, The Favourite). We’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing Christopher McQuarrie (director, Mission: Impossible – Fallout)Melina Jeurgens (motion capture actress, Hellblade), Millie Shapiro (actress, Hereditary), Issa Lopez (director/writer, Tigers Are Not Afraid) and the ‘Twisted Twins’ (directors, Rabid) to name just a few!

Not only are we driven to create interesting and exciting content for our audience, but last year we also launched the JumpCut Charity Initiative as a means to give a little something back to selected charities. In 2019 we collectively raised £3,272.95 and this year we hope to raise even more! 


Since our creation we have been lucky enough to have published content from over 60 writers – all of which has been written on a voluntary basis. In 2020, we are to take things to the next level and will begin paying our team and contributors for their content. 

This is only possible with the support of our incredibly kind readers and followers. Towards the end of 2019 we officially launched our Patreon with three tiers to choose from. Whilst we can never thank you enough, we’re offering up some incentives to show our appreciation. 

You can meet our current Patrons on our dedicated Patrons page




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