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TV REVIEW: Shrill Season 3 (2021)

Shrill felt like it was a groundbreaking show when its first season launched in March 2019, with the Fat Babe Pool Party in particular, causing a stir on social media. The talk surrounding season two was much more muted and there hasn’t been much hype…

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TV REVIEW: Jupiter’s Legacy (2021)

It’s hard not to discuss some of the massively loved but equally uncouth comic book stories without Mark Millar being part of the conversation. An established presence in the industry, his favoured titles Kick-Ass and Kingsman struck a chord that rippled out to the movie…

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TV REVIEW: Shadow and Bone (2021)

Leigh Bardugo’s beloved Grishaverse series, which started with the Shadow and Bone Trilogy (published 2012-2014) and continued with the paired books Six of Crows (2015)/Crooked Kingdom (2016) and King of Scars (2019)/Rule of Wolves (2021) has now been adapted into a big-budget Netflix show, hoping…

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TV REVIEW: Calls (2021)

It’s not in the official description, but it might as well: If the world is a pool, Calls is the deep end where the The Twilight Zone dares not enter. Yes, the new Apple TV+ series from Fede Álvarez can be that bizarre. The U.S….

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TV REVIEW: WandaVision Episode 9 (2021)

A strange sense of entitlement surrounded WandaVision in recent weeks. Every week, the internet was abuzz with fan theories that were willed into existence by literally millions of fans the world over, followed by days of disappointment that followed when such fan theories never came…

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TV REVIEW: WandaVision Episode 8 (2021)

WandaVision has excelled thus far by hopping between genres at will, all of it seamlessly blending to create arguably the most talked-about television event in years. Not since the true crime documentary golden age of Netflix’s Making A Murderer, has Twitter been so absorbed in…

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TV REVIEW: WandaVision Episodes 5-7 (2021)

WandaVision and The Problem with Spoiler Culture In the weeks since the last recap, WandaVision has developed an undisputed must-watch reputation. The weekly release of the show has earned a lot of attention, both acclaim and criticism. On one hand, giving WandaVision time to breathe…