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TV REVIEW: Jupiter’s Legacy (2021)

It’s hard not to discuss some of the massively loved but equally uncouth comic book stories without Mark Millar being part of the conversation. An established presence in the industry, his favoured titles Kick-Ass and Kingsman struck a chord that rippled out to the movie…

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REVIEW: Things Heard & Seen (2021)

As soon as there is a whiff of a period Gothic-inspired horror on the horizon, I’m gonna come running straight toward that haunted house, instead of away from it. So, you could say that I’m the target audience for Netflix’s latest, Things Heard & Seen,…

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REVIEW: Boys From County Hell (2021)

British and Irish genre comedies are going to be under the shadow of Edgar Wright’s seminal rom-zom-com Shaun of the Dead (2004) for some time to come, even though we’re approaching that film’s *cough* twentieth anniversary (I’m sorry). Joe Cornish’s less well-known Attack the Block…

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REVIEW: The Mitchells vs The Machines (2021)

The takeover of the techs is already here, even before the Daily Mail can submit the headline “Naked Schwarzenegger ran STARKERS after emerging from silver sphere” into kinda-journalism’s history book. Siri or Alexa’s innocent chirps of “I don’t understand that” is actually “I’m learning everything…

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TV REVIEW: Shadow and Bone (2021)

Leigh Bardugo’s beloved Grishaverse series, which started with the Shadow and Bone Trilogy (published 2012-2014) and continued with the paired books Six of Crows (2015)/Crooked Kingdom (2016) and King of Scars (2019)/Rule of Wolves (2021) has now been adapted into a big-budget Netflix show, hoping…

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REVIEW: The Banishing (2021)

Borley Rectory is a name that lives in infamy in the UK and has birthed countless books and films, after being given the moniker of The Most Haunted House in England by ‘psychic researcher’ Harry Price. Price becomes the character Harry Reed (Sean Harris) in…

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REVIEW: Jakob’s Wife (2021)

The potential horrors of married life are on full display before first blood is even drawn in Travis Stevens’ ever so slightly fresh bite at the vampire genre, Jakob’s Wife. Familiar faces of scare-fests, Barbara Crampton and Bob Portal play Anne and pastor Jakob Fedder;…

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TV REVIEW: Calls (2021)

It’s not in the official description, but it might as well: If the world is a pool, Calls is the deep end where the The Twilight Zone dares not enter. Yes, the new Apple TV+ series from Fede Álvarez can be that bizarre. The U.S….

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REVIEW: Bad Trip (2021)

Hidden camera comedy is an enduring genre. On TV, kids of the noughties will remember the heyday of MTV’s Punk’d, with extra points to anyone who enjoyed Hell Date. In film, this has most recognisably appeared through Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat; an outlandish character let…