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REVIEW: The Banishing (2021)

Borley Rectory is a name that lives in infamy in the UK and has birthed countless books and films, after being given the moniker of The Most Haunted House in England by ‘psychic researcher’ Harry Price. Price becomes the character Harry Reed (Sean Harris) in…

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REVIEW: Jakob’s Wife (2021)

The potential horrors of married life are on full display before first blood is even drawn in Travis Stevens’ ever so slightly fresh bite at the vampire genre, Jakob’s Wife. Familiar faces of scare-fests, Barbara Crampton and Bob Portal play Anne and pastor Jakob Fedder;…

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TV REVIEW: Calls (2021)

It’s not in the official description, but it might as well: If the world is a pool, Calls is the deep end where the The Twilight Zone dares not enter. Yes, the new Apple TV+ series from Fede Álvarez can be that bizarre. The U.S….

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REVIEW: Bad Trip (2021)

Hidden camera comedy is an enduring genre. On TV, kids of the noughties will remember the heyday of MTV’s Punk’d, with extra points to anyone who enjoyed Hell Date. In film, this has most recognisably appeared through Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat; an outlandish character let…

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REVIEW: Boys vs Girls (2021)

The idea of month-long summer camps, involving toasting marshmallows and making friends with your bunkmates, feels like a distinctly North American idea. It’s not something that’s quite reached the shores of the UK and, for so many viewers, the only ‘experience’ you’ll ever have of…

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REVIEW: Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021)

A peculiar melange of excitement and trepidation has surrounded the build up to Zack Snyder’s Justice League. It’s a film that has dominated the #discourse since its announcement back in February 2020, calling into question all manner of aspects related to the film. The death…

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REVIEW: Slaxx (2021)

On concept alone, Slaxx seems absurd and daft. However, underneath the seams of this concept is a horrific story of the faults of ‘fast fashion’ and the harsh price of the fast-paced demand of the fashion industry. Although, the film may encourage debate about whether…

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REVIEW: Boogie (2021)

It is not easy to like Boogie (Taylor Takahashi) in Boogie. His game with the ladies can be so invasive and crude that he comes off as a grade-A tosser. His play on the basketball court can be so solo he defines “teammate” as “me,…

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REVIEW: Sator (2021)

The woods are alive, with whispers from Sator. Not sah-tore the accented billionaire with an obsession for temporal damnation — this is say-tur who is believed to rule every part of and haunt everything in an undisclosed U.S. forest. According to tape recordings heard throughout…