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REVIEW: Bull (LFF 2021)

Perhaps the biggest obstacle for Bull will be its comparisons to Kill List and other works by Ben Wheatley, especially with Neil Maskell in the lead role, appropriating a similar role to the one he played to such acclaim in Wheatley’s Kill List from 2011….

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REVIEW: The Beta Test (2021)

Previously we’ve seen actor-director Jim Cummings attempting to navigate a custody battle whilst processing his own grief in his breakthrough feature Thunder Road, then he went on to confront his daddy issues and catch a murderous werewolf in his follow up effort, The Wolf of…

No Time To Die
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REVIEW: No Time To Die (2021)

 It’s a good life, isn’t it? There are few properties in cinema history that can elicit the same magnetism of James Bond. Ever since Maurice Binder’s title sequence dazzled with colorful bombast to John Barry’s iconic theme, the power of Bond has globally endured for…

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REVIEW: The Gateway (2021)

Italian director Michele Civetta has had a varied career to date directing music videos for the likes of Lou Reed, Sean Lennon and Yoko Ono and directing adverts for Coca-Cola and Martini & Rossi. His feature film debut was 2020’s Agony, a thriller that earnt…

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REVIEW: The Guilty (TIFF 2021)

On this particular day in Los Angeles in The Guilty, everything is heated. Sky’s orange. The hills are ablaze. “The Guilty” is in blackletter type. Regularly heard are blaring sirens and calls for emergency services. But the place where the temperature is highest would be…

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REVIEW: Old (2021)

A mind-twister, indeed, when strange things of the M. Night Shyamalan kind also exist beyond Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. Entranced and thus inspired by the premise of the graphic novel Sandcastle written by Pierre-Oscar Lévy and drawn by Frederick Peeters, Old sees the filmmaker travel to…

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REVIEW: Black Medicine (2021)

When approaching any piece of media, I always like to look at its plot and execution of that plot. Sometimes a film/TV show or video game can get both of these aspects correct, sometimes they get both completely wrong or only get one right, which…

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REVIEW: False Positive (2021)

It’s almost impossible to not associate Ilana Glazer with the slacker, New York sitcom Broad City — a show which she created with her best friend Abbi Jacobson. But in A24 and Hulu’s atmospheric horror False Positive, the actor-writer proves that she’s not just a…

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REVIEW: A Perfect Enemy (2021)

“Why would I go to a therapist when airports exist?” asks a cheerful Tessel (Athena Strates) to a gloomy Jeremiasz (Tomasz Kot). The duo met only a few moments before when the young woman stopped the man’s car as a last attempt to make it…

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REVIEW: The Woman in the Window (2021)

There’s a fine line between inspiration and unoriginality and audiences will surely debate which side of said line Joe Wright’s The Woman in the Window finds itself on. Adapted from pseudonymous author A. J. Finn’s New York Times bestselling novel, Wright’s new film is a…

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REVIEW: Above Suspicion (2021)

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke leads director Phillip Noyce’s latest film, crime thriller Above Suspicion which is based on the true story of FBI informant Susan Smith, played by Clarke. By way of Susan’s narration we are introduced to the setting for the film,…