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03 Aug 2020

REVIEW: House of Hummingbird (2020)

Two films that I’ve seen this year have connected with me on a deeply personal level, despite one being about a Black woman in New York (The 40 Year Old Version) and one being about…


REVIEW: Tremble All You Want (We Are One 2020)

We Are One – A Global Film Festival Twenty-something Yoshika (Mayu Matsuoka) has had a secret crush on her middle school classmate Ichimiya (Takumi Kitamura) for the past decade and has never even thought about…

Nicole Beharie sat with Alexis Chikaeze as she rest her head on her shoulders

REVIEW: Miss Juneteenth (2020)

Miss Juneteenth is a pageant for young Black women, one that combines charm school, the opportunity to receive an academic scholarship, and the glamour of a traditional beauty pageant. But for Turquoise Jones, played empathetically…

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the cockpit of a plane looking worried
Amazon Prime

REVIEW: 7500 (2020)

Creating a film in a single location comes with its own set of problems, which are different to those on a conventional film set. You must contend with blocking, camera positioning and how to progress…