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REVIEW: Assimilate (2021)

Mysterious goings on in an otherwise boring, small town is a popular trope in sci-fi and horror. It injects some life into a previously lifeless area for its inhabitants, and something you’ve seen countless times over the years. Whether experiencing a monstrous invasion in Slither’s…

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REVIEW: What Drives Us (2021)

If we were to look at Dave Grohl’s directorial efforts as an unofficial trilogy on the humane qualities of music, then it seems fitting that What Drives Us feels like the culmination of his previous observations. From tracking what keeps the recording process full of…

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REVIEW: Here Are The Young Men (2021)

[CONTENT WARNING: This review touches on potentially triggering subjects in the film, including death, drug abuse, and suicide] After seeing the trailer for Eoin Macken’s Here Are The Young Men boast such a strong young cast, it instantly found itself on my watchlist. This Irish…

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REVIEW: The Virtuoso (2021)

What’s it like in the mind of a cold-blooded assassin? The Virtuoso gives us a glimpse inside as Anson Mount’s titular hitman is sent on a job like no other. Haunted by a botched job that has left him shaken to say the least, Mount…

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REVIEW: The County (2021)

The County has come out on the heels of Grímur Hákonarson’s extraordinary success with Rams (2015). That film caused a sensation back in 2015 and it launched him as a talent whose future works would be greeted with great anticipation by audiences around the world….

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REVIEW: Four Good Days (2021)

Based on Journalist Eli Saslow’s 2016 Washington Post article “How’s Amanda? A Story of Truth, Lies and an American Addiction” and directed by Rodrigo Garcia, Four Good Days sees Glenn Close as a mother attempting to shepherd her daughter through crucial days of recovery from…

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REVIEW: Things Heard & Seen (2021)

As soon as there is a whiff of a period Gothic-inspired horror on the horizon, I’m gonna come running straight toward that haunted house, instead of away from it. So, you could say that I’m the target audience for Netflix’s latest, Things Heard & Seen,…

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REVIEW: The Artist’s Wife (2021)

The Artist’s Wife will inevitably draw comparisons with the Glenn Close vehicle, The Wife (2017). It came out just two years after that award nominated hit and both films share thematic similarities and titles that could easily be confused. In this case, however, the comparisons are…

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REVIEW: The Resort (2021)

New supernatural horror film from writer/director Taylor Chien, The Resort, checks in somewhere between Fantasy Island and The Shining. For her birthday, aspiring author Lex (Bianca Haase) is surprised with a trip to Hawaii from her (very generous) group of friends. The purpose of this…

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REVIEW: Murder Bury Win (2021)

In board games – and in life – there are winners and losers. There is always someone more competitive; someone more strategic; or simply someone who just know how to play the game better. Board games can truly bring out the worst in us –…