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REVIEW: I Carry You With Me (2021)

Despite the fact that there is a plethora of LGBT cinema being produced in Mexico – dating all the way back to the 1930s – it still feels like a relatively taboo subject for the mostly Catholic nation. Something that is whispered, rather than celebrated….

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REVIEW: Les Nôtres (2021)

Les Nôtres is a mystery that faces great difficulties when it comes to deciding where its priorities lie. It starts off strong, as a brooding character piece that examines the psyche of a pregnant teenager who feels vulnerable and afraid, but begins to lose its…

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REVIEW: Take Me Somewhere Nice (2021)

Take Me Somewhere Nice might have the prudes in the audience averting their eyes. It is full of scenes of nudity, casual sex between people who barely know one another and the suggestion that two first cousins might be sexually attracted to one another. There…

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REVIEW: Bố Già (2021)

“NOISY household,” “MESSY family,” “CRAPPY neighborhood” — these are the title cards in the latest trailer for Bố Già (Dad, I’m Sorry, which in Vietnamese would look more like “Ba, Con Xin Lỗi”), and they seem to promise an unruly time. Think Happy Madison picture,…

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REVIEW: The County (2021)

The County has come out on the heels of Grímur Hákonarson’s extraordinary success with Rams (2015). That film caused a sensation back in 2015 and it launched him as a talent whose future works would be greeted with great anticipation by audiences around the world….

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REVIEW: Spring Blossom (2021)

Spring Blossom (2020) is the directorial debut of young Suzanne Lindon and it is sure to have people commenting on whether sexual mores have evolved at all in France. It’s been in the media because it’s so controversial and its director/star is unusually young. That…

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REVIEW: Horatio (2021)

Stuck in a hideout in the company of his hostage daughter Petula (Maria Luísa Mendonça) and his butch bodyguard Milton (Marcelo Drummond), Horácio (Zé Celso) can comfortably say he has seen better days. A prominent cigarette smuggler, clearly involved in many other shady yet never…