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03 Aug 2020

REVIEW: She Dies Tomorrow (2020)

Amy Seimetz is an actor, writer, director and producer. She produced Barry Jenkins’ debut film Medicine for Melancholy (2008), directed Sun Don’t Shine (2012) and has acted in a diverse range of TV roles, as…

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REVIEW: Host (2020)

Online pub quizzes make way for paranormal activity in this brilliantly refreshing, relentlessly unsettling new scare-fest that has every reason to go the way of a daily online team meeting, but doesn’t. That’s because director…

Hannah Arterton is standing against a plain white wall. She's wearing a green jacket and white t-shirt and she is looking at her hands, which are black from the top of her fingers to her wrists.
Film Reviews

REVIEW: Peripheral (2020)

Being a writer has often been associated with being a recreational user of drugs, alcohol and anything else that is typically considered as indulgent and a little more risque. That is certainly the truth for…


REVIEW: Summerland (2020)

Gentle World War Two dramas with a soupcon of romance are a niche genre, but a welcome balm in these troubled times. In recent years, we’ve had Their Finest (Lone Scherfig, 2016) and The Guernsey…


REVIEW: Yes, God, Yes (2020)

The age of adult writers reflecting on their teenage years has now reached the naughts (or whatever we’re calling the 2000s), which means we’re going to be subjected to the fashion and music of that…

Rafe Spall is sat on a grassy hill with 4 giant white statues behind him that look like men. Underneath his right arm is a grey haired dog and to his left is a brown, canvas rucksack. Rafe has a bloody cut on his forehead and is looking off into the distance.

REVIEW: One Way to Denmark (2020)

Herb (Rafe Spall) is having a rough go of it. From the very beginning of One Way to Denmark, you can feel the almost oppressive weight that threatens to suffocate him. Stuck in a declining…

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REVIEW: The Rental (2020)

Following a steady rise to fame since his big screen debut in 2007’s Superbad (people really don’t forget, Greg), Dave Franco has stepped behind the cameras and made his directorial debut. It’s hard to pin…


REVIEW: Ghost (2020)

The debut feature can be a frightening proving ground for new filmmakers. Filmmaker Anthony Z James, despite any limitations regarding gear or budget, forgoes this worry with Ghost standing as an impressive debut. Sporting a…

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REVIEW: Ghosts of War (2020)

Ghosts, a spooky house, and a World War II setting should make for an interesting mix of genres. On the surface, the premise of Ghosts of War might impress, but the end result is an…


REVIEW: Saint Frances (2020)

119 days after my last cinema trip, I was finally released from the cinema-free hellscape of 2020. With minimal new releases to show, Odeon have tentatively reopened their doors with a wide array of re-releases…