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Fi’s Top 30 TV Shows of 2020

I’ve decided to shamelessly steal from the great LA Times film critic Justin Chang and present my best TV shows of the year as a series of 15 pairs. I love finding connections between things and thinking of films in terms of double-bills, so thought…

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KFC Made a Lifetime Movie and I Watched It

A Recipe for Seduction The creation of fast news and trends means that companies will try and do anything creative and unique to promote their products and brands: the Wendy’s Twitter profile that roasts people, Tropicana creating a giant Sun illumination in Trafalgar Square, Burger…

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Why ‘The Muppets Christmas Carol’ is a Horror Film

Brian Henson’s dystopias are the source of many childhood nightmares for me. And if you grew up in the UK, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ve been subject to the horrors of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Whether you performed it as your annual Christmas play…

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In Defence Of Netflix Christmas Films

As December rolls around each year, we reach for our favourite Christmas jumpers, drink copious amounts of hot chocolate, and put on classic films such as White Christmas, Home Alone, or even Elf. However, where do you turn when you want to scratch that festive…

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Jean-Luc Godard at 90: Une Femme Est Une Femme

Godard’s follow-up to Breathless bursts with colour and Karina. Jean-Luc Godard celebrated his 90th birthday last week (3 December 2020) and his legacy in French and international cinema has been well documented. He burst onto the scene with the radical and cool Noir Breathless which…

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You’d be hard pressed to find a director with a more impressive oeuvre than David Fincher. In his near 30-year film directing career, he has 10 films to his name (not including Mank, which hits Netflix tomorrow), and they all range from the questionable to…

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Girls on Film – Fetishes, Fascists and Voyeurs

I believe that myself reflected in the eyes of others is my true self. Voyeurism, usually with some connection to both sex and violence has long been a concern for filmmakers, for obvious reasons. To be a photographer or a film director is inherently voyeuristic….

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Investigating Sexism in Home Media

Sadly, for the collectors amongst us, physical media is in steep decline. With the rise of streaming services and on-demand viewing over the past decade replacing the need for a physical purchase for many consumers, studios and distributors are cutting corners and making their home…