Drama, LFF 2021

REVIEW: Boiling Point (LFF 2021)

Christmas in a restaurant can be hell at the best of times, especially for staff,  easily being one of the busiest times of the year, add in a ferocious performance from Stephen Graham and a one-shot journey across the restaurant and you have quite the…

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REVIEW: Great Freedom (LFF 2021)

Historically speaking, but also still in many countries today being gay is considered a crime. Homosexuality wasn’t decriminalised in Germany until the late sixties and up until this point in time, Section 175 of the German Criminal Code meant that gay men could be incarcerated…

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REVIEW: Bull (LFF 2021)

Perhaps the biggest obstacle for Bull will be its comparisons to Kill List and other works by Ben Wheatley, especially with Neil Maskell in the lead role, appropriating a similar role to the one he played to such acclaim in Wheatley’s Kill List from 2011….

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REVIEW: King Richard (LFF 2021)

When I say ‘representation matters’, these are words that I do not take lightly. It’s not just to be ‘seen and heard’. True equality comes from the value we contribute and the respect gained through opportunities that get us a seat at the table. It’s…

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REVIEW: Belfast (LFF 2021)

A triumphant personal return to form for Kenneth Branagh. Kenneth Branagh has been an acclaimed stage and screen actor for over three decades but his directorial efforts have been much more hit and miss. However, he has remarkably directed 21 films and while the early…

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REVIEW: Ron’s Gone Wrong (LFF 2021)

For the feature-length animated debut for studio Locksmith Animation, Ron’s Gone Wrong certainly leaves its mark. It’s charming, wonderful, and full of delight. Starring Zach Galifianakis and Jack Dylan Glazer (as Ron and Barney respectively), the story revolves around Barney, a lonely and socially awkward…

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REVIEW: The Harder They Fall (LFF 2021)

When the opening credits appear with all the cool swagger, its sharp, stylistic editing and curated music choices, you would think you were watching a Quentin Tarantino movie. After all, his trademarks and isms have dominated popular movie culture since his introduction with Reservoir Dogs. But The…