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REVIEW: Playlist (2021)

Playlist bounces into theatres at a time in which many young women are desperate to get back to having casual sex and discussing their love lives with their colleagues. Perhaps this film will remind them of the fact that life outside of lockdown can be messy…

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REVIEW: The Lodger (2021)

Over the years, Jacqueline Bisset’s career has gone through many ups and downs. She was one of the great English roses of 1960s cinema and collaborated with everybody from Audrey Hepburn to Alan Alda. Her beauty has immortalised her as a glamorous icon, but she…

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REVIEW: Best Sellers (2021)

Apparently everybody would just love to be berated and abused by a churlish old Englishman who constantly sports a sour expression. In the world of American cinema, all nasty, ornery gaffers should be indulged at every turn because their antics are supposed to be hilarious….

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REVIEW: I’m Your Man (2021)

For some reason, a small subset of cinephiles feel duty bound to turn against any slightly whimsical foreign language film that becomes a surprise hit in English speaking markets. Financial successes like Amélie (2001) tend to be dismissed as pretentious, twee exercises in emotional manipulation….

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REVIEW: Falling For Figaro (2021)

Falling for Figaro is one of those formulaic trifles that almost dares you not to refer to it as Madame Sousatzka (1988) meets The Cutting Edge (1992). There is never a point where it aims to surprise or even build up anticipation for the predictable plot…

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REVIEW: El Planeta (2021)

Comedian Joan Rivers famously declared “My daughter and I are very close, we speak every single day and I call her every day and say the same thing, “pick up, I know you’re there.”  El Planeta (2021) observes a mother-daughter relationship dynamic that might have…

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REVIEW: Wildfire (2021)

Wildfire is one of those films that succeeds on a micro-level. From scene to scene, it is packed with raw emotionality and scarily believable hysteria. When you begin to zoom out and look at the bigger picture, everything becomes less acutely focused and slightly more…


INTERVIEW: Actor and Composer Brittany Allen

Brittany Allen has achieved success in many different fields within the entertainment industry. She has worked as an actress and a composer, sometimes playing both roles on the same project. She received critical acclaim for her performance in What Keeps You Alive and appears in…

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REVIEW: Ma Belle, My Beauty (2021)

In 1944, W. Somerset Maugham’s The Razor’s Edge gave ordinary Americans a window into the lives of expatriates who had spent most of their lives in Southern Europe. It touched on the glamour and excitement that comes with the jet set life, while also pointing…

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REVIEW: Wildland (2021)

Denmark is typically thought of as a nation of cultured intellectuals with impeccable liberal credentials and a healthy amount of disposable cash in their bank accounts. This is not to say that Danish cinema isn’t notorious for featuring debauchery, graphic nudity and all sorts of…

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REVIEW: Red Soil (2021)

Red Soil (2020) is one of those old-fashioned dramas about a whistleblower who is caught between the community that they grew up in and an outside world that isn’t aware of the wrongdoings that occur within the whistleblower’s segment of society. It is mounted with…

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REVIEW: Days (2021)

Days (2020) is a capital A arthouse film that is unafraid to wear out the patience of audience members. Its biggest defenders will argue that it is a meditation on silence and the loneliness that one feels when their days seem to go on forever…