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REVIEW: The Story of a Three Day Pass (1968)

We really have to appreciate the fact that IndieCollect went to the trouble of restoring this overlooked experimental feature from the late 1960s. There is something glorious about using new technology to bring back the sounds and sensations of a previous era. You will be…

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REVIEW: The County (2021)

The County has come out on the heels of Grímur Hákonarson’s extraordinary success with Rams (2015). That film caused a sensation back in 2015 and it launched him as a talent whose future works would be greeted with great anticipation by audiences around the world….

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REVIEW: The Artist’s Wife (2021)

The Artist’s Wife will inevitably draw comparisons with the Glenn Close vehicle, The Wife (2017). It came out just two years after that award nominated hit and both films share thematic similarities and titles that could easily be confused. In this case, however, the comparisons are…

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REVIEW: Spring Blossom (2021)

Spring Blossom (2020) is the directorial debut of young Suzanne Lindon and it is sure to have people commenting on whether sexual mores have evolved at all in France. It’s been in the media because it’s so controversial and its director/star is unusually young. That…

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REVIEW: Quo Vadis, Aida? (2021)

Quo Vadis, Aida? (2020) raises itself above other films about historical tragedies by also focusing on the aftermath of the Srebrenica Massacre. It illustrates the fact that there has been no closure for many who has their lives destroyed by this tragedy. They have been…

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REVIEW: The Affair (2021)

Every couple of years we get an adaptation of a trashy potboiler that blends Dynasty-style romantic melodrama with a tragic historical event that had a devastating impact on the lives of millions. These stories tend to devote more time to adulterous affairs than they do…

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REVIEW: Sometime Other Than Now (2021)

Sometime Other Than Now (2021) is essentially a Hallmark movie with a slightly grittier feel and less idyllic small town setting. You have the rugged, mysterious loner with a dark secret in his past, the lonely, kooky hotelier who is afraid of entering into a…

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REVIEW: Justine (2021)

Justine is unusual for a film that is about an alcoholic. It does not seek to explain why the protagonist feels the need to drink until she collapses in the street and is dragged into the emergency room. It’s more about the ebb and flow…