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Zack Snyder Shows Us A Young Darkseid

Another day, another chance to mourn the DCEU that never was. Good job Zack Snyder is there to keep the tears flowing by cracking open his Justice League folder once again, this time it’s a glance at the villain that never was and ruler of…

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J.A. Bayona To Helm Lord of the Rings Amazon Series

Once there was one director to rule them all, now it turns out that Amazon have found another to take on Middle Earth in their Lord of the Rings show; Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom director J.A. Bayona, so sayeth Deadline. The site has reported that…

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Disney Find Their Little Mermaid

Look at this news – isn’t it neat? Halle Bailey’s made casting Ariel complete. Mere weeks before the studio supreme make a return trip to Pride Rock in Jon Favreau’s The Lion King remake, the news is out that the leading lady from under the…


Child’s Play: The Best Kid Shows That Need To Get Adapted

Kids today, they don’t know they’re born. They run free, they got teeth nice and clean. They’re alright, I guess. But with some of the best family films in the last decade being based on IP’s of Saturday morning’s past that youngsters may be unfamiliar…


The DCEU Movies Ranked

Braving the waters of the comic book universe once again this week, Warner Bros have supposedly turned back the tide and managed to deliver a superhero story that is getting unanimous praise for embracing its bonkers premise and surfing it to the shore of success….