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REVIEW: Les Traducteurs (2019)

Language is important. More often than not, it’s not just what you say but how you say it. Being a good writer takes draft after draft of scored out sentences and deleted dialogue. It’s about weaving multiple plot points and characters together to create a…

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REVIEW: Boys vs Girls (2021)

The idea of month-long summer camps, involving toasting marshmallows and making friends with your bunkmates, feels like a distinctly North American idea. It’s not something that’s quite reached the shores of the UK and, for so many viewers, the only ‘experience’ you’ll ever have of…

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REVIEW: Dark State (2021)

Cinema can be used effectively to educate audiences as to corruption within regimes or organisations. It can highlight and explain the intricacies and subterfuge involved in cover ups, crises and corruption. Hell, Michael Moore has built an entire career on it. From All The President’s…

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