Paul Kaye and Iwan Rheon in The Toll (Signature Entertainment)
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REVIEW: The Toll (2022)

The rolling hills of rural Pembrokeshire seem highly unlikely as a hotbed of criminal activity. That sleepy village vibe – you know the one, where the locals have their own seat in the pub and everyone knows your business – doesn’t really allow much room…

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REVIEW: In The Strange Pursuit of Laura Durand (2022)

The “buddy road trip” movie has long been a comedy staple. You take two (or more characters) out of their usual environment and set them on a quest. Chaos, mishaps and misunderstandings ensue. There’s usually a fallout, a reconciliation and, somewhere along the line, a…

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REVIEW: Salt In My Soul (2021)

Breathing. It’s not something that too many of us have to really think about. It just, well, happens. Whether we are awake or asleep; excited or exhausted, it’s one of those quirks of biology that we don’t ever have to put any real effort into….


Women in War: New Perspectives from Balkan Cinema

Having written extensively about – and been fascinated by – World War Two cinema, it seems evident that a certain type of narrative voice has been the most dominant. As viewers, we are horrified by historical “villains” and firmly on the side of the gallant…

A still from Resistance 1942 - a grey-haired man is sat behind an old microphone in a dark room.
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REVIEW: Resistance 1942 (2022)

During World War Two, one of the most powerful weapons at a nation’s (or an individual’s) disposal was the radio. It seems almost incredible, now, in an era when it seems very few tune in. Yet, at the time, radio defied international borders and was…

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REVIEW: Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

With great readership comes great responsibility. So, with that in mind, your local, friendly, neighbourhood JumpCut team are keeping this review spoiler free. The last time we saw Peter Parker, he was being outed by the cloudy goldfish bowl-wearing Mysterio. Yes, his secret identity as…

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REVIEW: The Unforgivable (2021)

Prison is the perfect Hollywood starting point. It offers up narratives of redemption or reoffence; a lesson learned or a pattern repeated. It’s also inextricably linked to other socio-economic factors such as poverty, opportunity, gender or race – giving directors and writers the chance to…

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REVIEW: Death of a Telemarketer (2021)

We’ve all been on the receiving end of them. Annoying telemarketing calls that try to get you to buy something; upgrade something; claim something. There’s usually someone very chatty and enthusiastic on the other end of the line. Whether they are reading off a script…

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REVIEW: Courage (2021)

Imagine a world where your vote is worth less than the paper it is cast on. A world where loved ones simply disappear. A world where censorship of the arts and of newspapers is freely committed. This isn’t the plot of some dystopian novel or…

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REVIEW: The Devil’s Drivers (2021)

There is rarely a year goes by where the ongoing Israeli / Palestinian conflict doesn’t make international news headlines with accusations of subterfuge, sabotage and substantial terror threats. But, in amongst all of these headlines are real people. Real people who have families and homes….

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REVIEW: Pitbull – Exodus (2021)

Writer/director Patryk Vega has become a household name in Polish cinema, thanks to his low budget, highly violent portfolio of work. He is known for the likes of Botoks, Women of Mafia 1 and 2 and an action short called Czerwony Punkt, which stars Ewan…

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REVIEW: Home Sweet Home Alone (2021)

It’s approaching the “holiday season” – as our transatlantic cousins would say – which brings with it a seemingly unavoidable viewing programme of saccharine, made-for-TV movies. These tend to veer wildly between “so bad it’s good” and absolute guff. They usually follow very specific formulas…

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REVIEW: Hive (2021)

The war in Kosovo may have ended in 1999 but, decades later, its impact is still being felt, not least by the families of the 1,600 people who are still missing. How do you continue to grieve; to remember? Can you ever move on when…

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