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REVIEW: I Carry You With Me (2021)

Despite the fact that there is a plethora of LGBT cinema being produced in Mexico – dating all the way back to the 1930s – it still feels like a relatively taboo subject for the mostly Catholic nation. Something that is whispered, rather than celebrated….

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REVIEW: A Crime on the Bayou (2021)

It’s fair to say that divisions and racial tensions in America are every bit as palpable as they were back in 1966, the year Nancy Buirski’s documentary reflects upon. There might not be Jim Crow or (official) segregation, but there is George Floyd and Breonna…

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REVIEW: Songs For a Sloth (2021)

Death (or grief) can do strange things to a person. It can make you lash out; it can make you hyper organised; it can make even the most basic of tasks feel draining. It doesn’t usually, however, make you conjure up a talking sloth with…

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REVIEW: Brabham (2021)

Formula One, in recent years, has become synonymous with hyperbolic wealth and glamorous locations. Think of the jewel in the racing calendar crown, Monte Carlo – a veritable playground for the rich and famous. Think of the multi-million dollar sponsorship deals per car. Think of…

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REVIEW: Storm Lake (2021)

The pen, as the saying goes, is mightier than the sword. And, in light of recent international events – the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and the detainment of Roman Protesavich – it is clear that good journalism still wields some power. Before the days of…

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REVIEW: Final Account (2021)

For those with a keen interest in history – specifically the events surrounding World War Two – there are a plethora of documentaries to choose from. From The World at War to Shoah; from The Nazis – A Warning from History to The Last Days,…

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REVIEW: Bastards’ Road (2021)

Spiritual pilgrimages have long been seen as a way to heal your body; your mind; your soul. The road itself is time to reflect; to assess what needs work; to make a change. The destination is often incidental or purely symbolic – the literal end…

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REVIEW: Murder Bury Win (2021)

In board games – and in life – there are winners and losers. There is always someone more competitive; someone more strategic; or simply someone who just know how to play the game better. Board games can truly bring out the worst in us –…

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REVIEW: At Night Comes Wolves (2021)

Doomsday cults and domestic abuse seem like a fairly dynamic horror movie duo. Both prey on the vulnerable and the lost and both lure you in with all sorts of promises before revealing a more sinister underbelly. Writer-director TJ Marine makes his feature-length debut by…

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REVIEW: Stealing Chaplin (2021)

In March 1978, one of the most famous cases of “body-snatching” took place in Lausanne, Switzerland, when two men decided to dig up the body of silent movie icon, Charlie Chaplin, requesting a ransom of $600,000 for his safe return. It is this moment in…