18 Jan 2020

Best of the Decade: A Quiet Place (2018)

Perfection is not something easily obtained, unless you’re Natalie Portman during her Swan Lake closing act in Aronofsky’s 2010 ballet mindfuck, Black Swan. The tragic telling of Portman’s, Nina, and her destructive obsession to be a dance paragon made it into my top ten films…

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What Makes The Perfect Paranormal Horror?

In its essence, paranormal horror aims to scare us shitless and toy with that crippling fear we have of the unexplained. Whether it’s shot found-footage style or dramatically cinematic, live-action tales of ghosts and ghouls are naturally frightening because accounts of their malice exist in…

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REVIEW: Stranger Things 3: The Game

The upside down shenanigans of Hawkins, Indiana ignites sparks of adventure in us all, evoking desire for nostalgic companionship and retro aesthetics that BonusXP have compacted into 16-bit style. Defending the town against that pesky Mind Flayer from the comfort of your pillow fort has…

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E3 2019: Ubisoft

Commencing day three of E3 2019 was the French squadron from Ubisoft, who delivered a battle-ready conference to follow apocalyptic behemoth Bethesda from the previous day. #ubie3 saved some surprises up their sleeve despite major leaks filtering through social media early last week and delivered…