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03 Aug 2020

Coming Up In March At The Showroom

As you may have noticed, we are always shouting about how much we love our local independent cinema The Showroom, which is just a one minute walk away from our base here in Sheffield. This…

Film Reviews

JUMPSCARECUT: The Exorcist (1973)

After surviving the zombie apocalypse of ‘Dawn of the Dead‘, I decided to ramp things up a notch for my next JUMPSCARECUT review and take on the ultimate horror movie – The Exorcist. Truth be…

Film Reviews

JUMPSCARECUT: Dawn Of The Dead (2004)

As a self-confessed wimp, I usually flat-out avoid all the spooky season shenanigans I see people partaking in. I mean, why would anyone choose to spend the whole month of October watching scary films and…