Cyrano (2022) - REVIEW

Cyrano (2022) – Review

Movie musicals like Cyrano are a strange beast. The second you ask well-known actors to sing, you open yourself up to all kinds of problems; just ask Russell Crowe after Les Mis. While musicals in general are tricky, musical adaptations of classic literature are even…

Vanessa Kirby in ITALIAN STUDIES a Magnolia Pictures release. Photo by Brett Nobar. Photo courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.
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REVIEW: Italian Studies (2022)

Adam Leon’s latest instalment, Italian Studies, tells the brief story of English writer Alina Reynolds (Vanessa Kirby), our protagonist, writer, victim of some kind of unexplored memory loss, as she goes from a self-assured conversation on a trendy street in London to wondering around New…

A still from Double Walker - A young blonde haired girl is sat in what looks like a bedroom,. She is looking at the camera and has her finger to her lip in a shushing gesture. There is blood covering her fingers and some splattered on her face.
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REVIEW: Double Walker (2021)

[This review contains spoilers] The debate about what constitutes a Christmas film rages on every year throughout December and beyond. Some say it’s a certain jovial je ne sais quoi, a vibe that lets you know that it’s truly the most wonderful time of the…

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REVIEW: The Legend of La Llorona (2022)

Stories that stand the test of time though folklore are some of the most important and fascinating tales we have. That’s especially true of myths and legends of the horror variety. The story of La Llorona, a Latin American legend of a woman who drowns…

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REVIEW: Ascension (2021)

Documentaries are always awkward beasts to handle. When you’re telling a tale of fact, you need the details to be sharp and the artistry around them to be engaging enough to hold the audience’s attention, all the while you need to balance the delicate scales…

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REVIEW: Encanto (2021)

Everyone knows the power of the big six-oh. Sixty is a milestone that exemplifies maturity, growth, self-assuredness, and elegance. All that can be said, too, of Disney’s 60th motion picture, Encanto. Literally meaning “charm”, “spell”, or most obviously, “enchantment” in Spanish, Encanto takes you by…

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