27 Jan 2020
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REVIEW: Midsommar (2019)

A ruthless air of disquietude pervades Ari Aster’s works; whether it be the taboo-shattering relationship at the core of The Strange Thing About The Johnsons, or the inexorable, chest-clutching dread of Hereditary post-lamppost. He has a knack for excavating the soul, it seems. Aster is…

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REVIEW: Brightburn (2019)

What if Superman was an evil, sexually confused, angsty little boy? What if a creature akin to a god was armageddon personified? In a box office world saturated by stylishly clad superheroes, Brightburn‘s cult-destined concept is an absolute winner; yet, the film’s genre subversion is…

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REVIEW: Dumbo (2019)

There’s a pungent irony to Disney remaking Dumbo, a tale of smaller companies being gobbled up by a cash-loose corporation in aid of exploiting a particular attraction. Whether it’s Star Wars, X-Men or, in this case, a flying elephant, the unfortunate timing of this addition…

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INTERVIEW: ‘The Favourite’ DP Robbie Ryan On Working With Yorgos Lanthimos, Shooting On Film, And The Oscars Controversy

The Favourite looks to be an Oscar front-runner as February 24 approaches. From its pitch-perfect performances to the lavish production design, it’s a quirky descent into royal debauchery. The way the film is shot is particularly striking, featuring consistent whip-pans and ultra-wide lenses – Yorgos…