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03 Aug 2020
Action & Adventure

REVIEW: Sea Fever (2020)

Monster movie Sea Fever takes loner marine biology student Siobhan (Hermione Corfield), out of theoretical studies in a laboratory and into practical reality on a trawler in the grey and churning Atlantic off the west…

Film Reviews

REVIEW: Butt Boy (2020)

I love a trashy, high-concept film. From ‘Rubber‘, the film about a killer tyre roaming the land to ‘Wolf Cop‘ the film about, yes, a werewolf cop, I’m a sucker for something which makes you…


Best of the Decade: Under The Skin (2013)

Jonathan Glazer’s erotic science-fiction masterpiece, starring Scarlett Johannson, is sure to be gracing many an end of decade ‘best of’ list, despite being somewhat of a curveball when it first appeared. Made for a small…

Film Reviews

REVIEW: Earthquake Bird (2019)

“Death follows me” states Lucy Fly (Vikander), a troubled Swedish ex-pat working as a translator in Tokyo, where she has been living for a little over five years. She has her own house, plays in…

TV Review

REVIEW: Living With Yourself (Season 1)

Living with Yourself is the latest eight-part series to hit Netflix. The big selling point to this, over other Netflix comedies is it stars Paul Rudd alongside Paul Rudd, because who doesn’t need two Paul…

Film Reviews

REVIEW: Burn (2019)

Burn is the directorial debut from Mike Gan, a thriller set in a single location, a small-town gas station in the U.S., following events which take place over a single night. Gas station assistant Melinda…

Film Reviews

REVIEW: Starfish (2019)

Aubrey Parker (Virginia Gardner) is mourning the death of her best friend, Grace. Completely grief-stricken, Aubrey wants to feel close to Grace again, so she breaks into her apartment. Once there she begins to immerse…

Film Reviews

REVIEW: Isn’t It Romantic (2019)

“They’ll never make a movie about girls like us, and you know why? Because it would be so sad that they’d have to sprinkle Prozac on the popcorn or people would kill themselves”- Natalie’s Mum…


TV REVIEW: Luther (Series 5)

Luther: Series 5 – Aired on BBC (UK) 1st- 4th January 2019 (Review contains SPOILERS) Luther has been a flagship show for the BBC since 2010. Combining the less glamourous landscapes of east London with…