It’s been 18 years since Sati and The Oracle pondered the return of Neo. In December, that day will arrive.

Having sacrificed himself to restore balance within The Matrix, Neo’s death spawned a new dawn within Mega City. Peace was restored and the hierarchy returned to their posts. The revolution was over. Since the Wachowski sisters’ grandiose yet divisive conclusion, franchise staple Keanu Reeves has forged an immense career resurgence.

Blowing away audiences with the kinetic brilliance of the John Wick trilogy, Reeves’ star power is still as potent as ever. Two years ago, this self confessing fan reported the announcement of Lana Wachowski’s solo return to The Matrix franchise. It’s been almost radio silence as the world has marched on, with only various set photos and rumours flying around the net. Even without an official synopsis to go on, the immeasurable hype for newly titled The Matrix Resurrections rages on.

Cinema Con has now brought us the goods. Well kind of.

© Warner Brothers Pictures / Village Roadshow Pictures

Warner Bros are playing their cards close to their chest. Thankfully, attendees of the event provided a glimpse into Neo’s return. Some fans have truly freed their minds already.

“You think that’s air you’re breathing?”

Plot wise is where things get intriguing. Neo has seemingly forgotten his past heroics. It’s possible that he is now jacked in as a civilian into the world of Mega City once again. Unaware of what real threats are out there, Neo is living a normal life. Yet he knows something isn’t quite right. Enter his therapist, played by Neil Patrick Harris.

Could the weighty decision of the red or blue pill be back once more? Neo is reportedly prescribed to take two blue pills every day, as per his Therapist’s suggestion. With neither party remembering their demise, someone needs to wake them up.

An unconfirmed young Morpheus hands Neo a red pill, later on in the footage. “Time to fly” he remarks in encouragement. The rest of the footage, set to Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” showcases the signature Wachowski flare. Neo dismissing missiles with telekinesis, motorcycle acrobatics and of course. Kung-Fu.

The official trailer has yet to drop. The Matrix Resurrections will debut in theatres on December 22nd. HBO Max subscribers at the ad-free tier, will also be able to boot in at home.