Fall Guys Pulls Through Despite a Rocky Start! 

The bright, colourful, and extremely silly battle royale game Fall Guys was released on the 4th of August and it had quite the eventful release day, with the game’s Twitter account reporting that 120,000 people were already playing. Unsurprisingly, the developers had a number of server issues, with players complaining of 30-minute waits, all leading to the game getting review-bombed by a number of disgruntled players. But this didn’t phase Devolver, as they managed to get things back on track and as of today, Fall Guys has been the developer’s biggest launch and is currently outselling PUBG and GTA 5 on Steam! 

Spider-Man Exclusive to Playstation in Marvel’s Avengers.

Marvel’s Avengers is set to come out in September, and we have already seen previews of the host of well-known characters, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Hulk. However, Crystal Dynamics confirmed this week that Spider-Man will join Marvel’s Avengersand will be released as post-launch DLC exclusive to PS4 and PS5 due to Sony’s ownership of the character. Despite having very little information and no gameplay featuring him yet, we know that this incarnation of Spider-Man will be entirely different from the popular Insomniac version. 

Sony’s State of Play Reveals New Details for Upcoming Games. 

Playstation’s State of Play showcase took place on Thursday evening, giving a range of different games for us to get excited about in the coming months, including detailed looks at Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time and Godfall. There were also a range of smaller games announced, including VR additions and DLC for games like Hitman and Control. Although it was a smaller showcase, there was plenty to be excited about in the coming months and into early 2021 on current-gen! 

Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad Game Confirmed. 
Warner Bros. has been teasing a new superhero game for quite some time and now Rocksteady, the developers of the highly successful Batman Arkham series, have announced they are working on a Suicide Squad game. Judging by the poster, it looks like players will be hunting Superman. This is all we know about the project as of yet, but Rocksteady announced that a full reveal will take place during the DC FanDome event on the 22nd August and we can’t wait!