Today we’re excited to share with you all that Issue #2 of our digital magazine will release 1st September 2020 and the theme of the issue will be SOPHOMORE FILMS.

Our debut issue was (thankfully) well-received, and as the focus for that issue was directorial debuts, we thought it would be good to now explore sophomore directorial efforts. We’re hoping to explore the pressures and expectations that come with sophomore features, look at some hits and misses, and hopefully interview some directors and chat about their sophomores film.

With a release date and a theme now out in the world, we’re also now opening up our inbox to pitches! If you have any ideas that would fit into our theme this issue, please send your pitches to our Editorial Manager, Corey at

We ask you please give as much detail as you can about your idea, and Corey has also put together a template pitch that may be of help to anyone who hasn’t pitched before or would like some help. You can download the pitch template here.

We received lots of amazing comments and feedback from our first issue, which is available to buy here – or if you become a Patron from as little as $3 a month you will receive all issues of our magazine for FREE as well as some other neat perks.

We look forward to reading your pitches and putting together our second issue!

Deadline for pitching: Friday 17th July 2020