Deathloop – Groundhog Day Style Shooter Announced For PS5

Last week saw Sony reveal the new PlayStation 5 console, as well as the first line-up of games that are to be released next year. One of these games that immediately caught my attention was ‘Deathloop’, which was showcased near the end of the presentation. 

‘Deathloop’ is the new shooter by Arkane Lyon, the same developers behind the award-winning ‘Dishonoured’ series. In the game, you play as Colt, someone who is trapped in a time loop in the city of Black Reef. While the residents see the city as paradise, it’s a prison for Colt as he is forced to relive the same day over and over again, living as a live shooting target for the city’s amusement. The only way that Colt can break the cycle of repeating the same day is to assassinate eight specific targets, who all want him eliminated.

While the idea of restarting a day over and over has been seen numerous times in film, it’s rare to see this occur in video games and is a refreshing take on the concept. The concept also allows various types of gameplay: stealth or just going through the maps, all guns blazing! With this concept, it can also allow for various branching pathways, and unlockable areas in the city of Black Reef as new information is learnt. This could make each game round different each time, and offer new challenges with each round.

And, if you thought the eight targets were going to be easy to access, well they’ve thought of that too! The player can choose to play either Colt or Juliana, an assassin who is determined to keep the cycle going by killing Colt. She has her own assortment of weapons too. As well as this, both playable characters are armed with supernatural powers, adding to the gameplay experience. I personally can’t wait to make different combating sequences, mixing the various weaponry with telekinesis. I’m also hoping the two playable characters will add more to the gameplay, as well as give players a new perspective on the plot. Playing characters on opposite sides of each other can also bring in moral questioning. Would playing Juliana make the player more sympathetic towards her and what she’s protecting (the city). Would we see Colt as the villain? Another factor to hypothesis on is, if the player chose to play Colt first before playing as Juliana, whether the game would show the player’s last run as Colt, and display it through Juliana’s eyes when choosing that mode. The character modes, accompanied by the concept, would make for a unique gameplay experience.

The game looks stylish and is very reminiscent of 2016’s ‘We Happy Few’, making this a bright and colourful game to experience. The combat looks fun and sleek and, with the different ways of achieving your mission, the options during combat sequences could be endless! 

Revisiting previous areas could also be a possibility too, for side missions. However, given the concept, the game would have to be specific with the execution of this; if the character dies before completing a side mission, would that mission reset too?

‘Deathloop’ is a new and refreshing take on the first-person shooter by bringing in the concept of time loops. The new IP from Arkane Lyon looks to give players a fast-paced experience that will test their strategic and stealth skills. Mixing the shooter genre with the supernatural and time loops is a fantastic and unique idea for the gaming industry. I have high hopes for this game. 

‘Deathloop’ will be available on Playstation 5 later this year, with its PC port released at the same time. 

The island of Blackreef. For most of its inhabitants, it’s a paradise. But for Colt, it’s an inescapable prison. Thanks to a mysterious timeloop, he’s reliving the same day, over and over, trying to find a way to break the endless cycle he’s trapped in. As Colt, you’ll have to take out eight targets – including your arch-nemesis Julianna Blake – if you ever want to escape. But remember: It’s a timeloop, so if at first you don’t succeed… die, die again.

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