The tragic events surrounding the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis acted as a stark reminder to us all about the struggles of Black communities in the USA and across the world. Systemic and racist violence has embedded itself in our society and we must do everything in our power as individuals and as a wider community to ensure that it is condemned to history. It’s not a new fight, but it is our fight and silence is an act of complicity. It has never been good enough to stay quiet and we refuse to do so. We need to be loud and stand hand-in-hand against the poison of blatant racism. We MUST do better and demand better from the powers that be.

Alongside this, the world is still reeling from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The emotional and financial strain that has been placed on families cannot be understated. Poverty levels and use of food banks in the U.K. have soared in recent years, and the added pressure of unemployment and ill health has made difficult situations ten times worse. As more and more families are forced to utilise food banks, we want to help the efforts being made by those dedicated to supporting them.

So, today we’re announcing that the JumpCut Charity Initiative for 2020 will be dedicated to raising money for both Black Lives Matter and for the Trussell Trust. Every single penny that is raised will be split 50/50 between the two causes as we strive to help those in need as best we can.


On the back of a huge effort last year which saw the JumpCut Charity Initiative raise over £3500 for various causes, this year the team will once again be embarking on a month-long series of film and game-themed extravaganzas in order to raise money for our causes of choice as stated above.

The Initiative will start on June 8th and run through to July 12th. Please keep a lookout for further information that we will be posting in due course about the events taking place and how you can donate.

In the meantime, we hope that you are keeping well and safe.