Developed by Skrypious, Pangeon is a throwback to the dungeon crawlers as RPG games of old with rogue-like gameplay elements included for extra measure. I think this all comes together decently but it’s nothing that will blow your socks off so to speak. Bear in mind this is still in beta so I assume there will be more content and updates possibly on the way fairly soon. The setup is typical video game fantasy stuff, you can choose one of four classes, thief, wizard, archer and of course warrior, it just wouldn’t be a fantasy game without that. 

I opted to go for the warrior class so I was right in my comfort zone and I was ready to see what the game was offering. In familiar RPG fashion you can put points into different skills such as health, strength, mana, luck and dexterity.  This game is fairly challenging, especially at first. I won’t lie at first playing this I was taken aback by how quickly I died which put me off, the game certainly doesn’t hold your hand.

The presentation is one of the game’s strongest aspects when it comes to the look of the enemy sprites and the weapons. They are detailed very well and the pixelated old school art style really brings me back to those games of old in a way that I found endearing. The major problem this game has is its length and vagueness when it comes to giving the player information such as what certain key commands mean or the controls, even Dark Souls or the Binding of Isaac supply you with this kind of information before repeatedly sending you into a non stop spiral of live, die, repeat. You will be dying constantly and for the most part I acknowledge I wasn’t on my guard or paying attention with groups of the mob enemies but when it comes to the boss fights it gets ridiculous in some places to the point of annoyance. 

I found myself being killed sometimes in one hit from across the room, maybe I should have been anticipating them but I did feel slightly cheated. Even in difficult boss encounters I still felt like I had a chance to push back and come out of the fight despite the challenge, however here I didn’t during these encounters. The other main disappointment is the ending. There’s nothing really to spoil due to there not really being one. Once it’s all said and done you enter a door and then the game ends.Bit of a disappointing end I’m not gonna lie. 

There’s something about these dungeon looter games that just entertain me even on a pure surface level, maybe it’s the inner fantasy fan In me or the fact I listened to the LOTR soundtrack while playing. Pangeon is a tribute to old dogs, with few new tricks.