Bug Academy, released late last year on Steam has made its way to the Nintendo Switch, it’s one of those games that suits the handheld feature of the console perfectly. Enabling you to play as a range of different insects, Bug Academy offers a plethora of bonkers activities, from flinging cows at a castle, to delivering fridges and ovens in outer space. 

Using various physics-based mechanics, the premise of the game is to make your way through levels featuring a range of different tasks and puzzles; leading to what ultimately feels like a hybrid of Angry Birds and Mount Your Friends, whilst still standing on its own two, or rather six, feet.

If I had to choose one word to describe the game, it would be ‘goofy’ from the gameplay to the character design, it made me laugh a lot. The number of times I would be playing as a swarm of flies carrying a befuddled looking cow, I would crack up, and the way the bugs move only adds to this. The physics-based mechanics of the game is what drives this hilarity the most, especially being new to the game. Not being used to how the bugs move, I found myself grabbing things by accident, zooming around at top speed, flinging objects in every direction. But the speed in which I got used to the controls was actually surprising and I began having a lot of fun

Each stage of the game has seven levels where you fly through them playing as different bugs starting with flies, then fireflies, mosquitos and finally bees. Although you can get through the game relatively quickly, the levels have star ratings, encouraging you to attempt to beat your high score;  which on some levels, could take some time. There are some repeated levels, however, I wasn’t too fussed about this because they were the ones I had the most fun with and they did have some variation in the mechanics when playing as different bugs.

Most of the tasks were engaging and so ridiculous, particularly when you have to suck up paint as a mosquito and try to draw to the best of your ability what’s on the TV. But even though they were a lot of fun, the physics-based mechanics did make things so difficult and were very hard to get used to. Even when I thought I had a handle on things, there were certain tasks, like trying to get the tallest tower using wooden blocks that just felt impossible. There were many times where the goofy looking flies flinging around a wooden block all over the place were failing to be as hilarious as I found them in previous levels.

Overall, Bug Academy is a lot of fun, and whilst it isn’t groundbreaking it holds its own and has a lot more to offer than I thought it would. It can be wildly difficult and frustrating at times and is a perfect game for those who are incredibly patient and like a challenge. This is a game that has great re-playability and I will definitely find myself returning to it every so often to see if I can beat my high scores and just have a bit of light-hearted fun.