Ever wanted to traverse incredible mountain feats in the comfort of your home? Well good news, Art Games Studio S.A have got you covered with their upcoming release Climber: Sky Is The Limit. Combining realism focused survival elements with that of a first-person perspective, the game will put players in brisk, harsh conditions in a bid to make it to the top. Here is what Art Games Studio S.A had to say of the new release:

Climber: Sky is the Limit is a unique game combining survival and simulation genres which will be available for both PC and consoles. This mountain climbing simulator will challenge you on the world’s highest peaks as the developers focus on high level realism and diverse gameplay. Game will be released on PC in 2021 by Art Games Studio which also plans to release the game on Nintendo Switch, Sony, and Microsoft consoles.

This upcoming title for Polish company Art Games Studio S.A. expands the already impressive number of diverse and interesting titles in their portfolio.

Developed by A2 Softworks, Climber: Sky is the Limit will be a mountain climbing simulator that combines survival features and the various exciting elements of a mountain expedition. The main goal is to conquer progressively higher and more difficult peaks all over the world. The list of available mountains will cover the most challenging and highest real-life mountains, including Mount Everest, Broad Peak and K2.

“For many people the mountains are like a magnet, especially the most mysterious and inaccessible ones. In our game, we want to introduce the fascinating passion of mountain climbing by focusing on realism and accurate mapping of the elements that can affect the trek of such expeditions. While working on the game we were inspired by literature on the topic and plan on consulting expert climbers” announces Art Games Studio S.A. CEO, Jakub Bąk.

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