I love a trashy, high-concept film. From ‘Rubber‘, the film about a killer tyre roaming the land to ‘Wolf Cop‘ the film about, yes, a werewolf cop, I’m a sucker for something which makes you sit back and say “Who in the actual hell would fund that?”

What normally comes with these insane high concepts is a tiny budget and in turn, low production values which filmmakers often attempt to pass cheap off as camp or kitschy. With many of these films what sounds like a fun idea on paper can’t sustain interest for 30 minutes, let alone 90.

When the trailer for Butt Boy popped up on my Twitter timeline I immediately clicked to watch it, despite the fact it felt like I was rolling the dice on what could just have been stray porn on main. What greeted me looked to all the world like a gritty thriller, with a hard-boiled detective looking to track down missing children. This all looked pretty pedestrian until the Chief utters the lines “So you’ve got this theory about a white married male who happens to be a father, living in the suburbs, who also happens to be your AA sponsor, who has been secretly running around ramming objects, animals and children up his ass. Then he somehow digests them. Almost in sprees in a serial killer fashion. Is that about it?”

Yes, this was a thriller about a man who murdered people by shoving them up his butt. I immediately thought to myself “who in the hell would finance that?!” and knew I HAD to watch it.

Butt Boy‘ follows disgruntled IT worker Chip (played by writer/director Tyler Cornack) as he develops a new obsession following a prostate exam. He finds himself enjoying the sensation so much he begins to experiment by putting other objects up his butt, starting with a bar of soap. He soon finds he can’t get enough and his behaviour escalates to the point his family are seen placing ‘Lost dog’ posters around the neighbourhood as their Shih Tzu Rocky goes missing. Even shoving a dog up his butt isn’t enough and he finds himself drawn to a lady with a baby in a park. Next, the police arrive at his door which leads Chip to attempt suicide.

The next time we see Chip nine years have passed. He is at an AA meeting and is introduced as a sponsor to Detective Russel Fox (Tyler Rice). Russel looks every inch the hardboiled Detective, with Rice appearing to be the lovechild of Alec Baldwin and Robert De Niro, even down to his posture.

This was my struggle with Butt Boy: I went into it expecting straight-up trash and it is somehow… Good? The production values are good, the cinematography is good, the soundtrack really works. The whole thing does really work as a thriller, with the cast playing it straight. This is why when I laughed I REALLY laughed. The juxtaposition of a police thriller against the insanity of the concept just works. I don’t know how they have done it but this feels genuinely different from anything I’ve seen before. A genuinely well put together thriller with a daft twist. It’s as if Silence of the Lambs and a Farrelly brothers movie had a baby and that baby was obsessed with butts.

Butt Boy is a peculiar gem of a film that defies genre boundaries and remains both thrilling and hilarious. Film fans will adore it for its complete disregard for cinematic rules, meaning its sure to become a cult hit.

Rating: ★★★★

Directed by: Tyler Cornack

Written by: Tyler Cornack, Ryan Koch

Cast: Angela Jones, Tyler Cornack, Tyler Rice